Each year, Care Net releases an impact report detailing the services provided at our pregnancy centers and affiliates. We also compile the economic value of those free services.

In 2015 alone, Care Net pregnancy centers served 338,618 women and men and provided $56,045,502 in vital services to people around the country (see last year’s report too).

These services saved communities $10.8 million in emotional/social support services and $6.8 million in material support like clothes, diapers, and new car seats. 

During 2015, 588,541 women and men received sexual health and parenting classes, and 124,233 received free baby supplies. 

Tweet: Care Net Centers save communities 56 million+ annually #prolifehttp://goo.gl/baVdyHCare Net Centers save communities $56 million+ annually #prolife http://goo.gl/baVdyH 

All of these free services were made possible due to the work of 30,000 volunteers and 429,000 donors. 

Care Net pregnancy centers are faith-based, community supported non-proï¬t organizations:

  • Alleviating social service burdens on local government
  • Facilitating public health through consultation with medical professionals and referrals for ongoing care
  • Building healthy families through education and support

Read the full report below, and share this powerful information about the value of Care Net pregnancy centers with your friends.