— Beautiful Everyday Bibles created specifically for pregnancy center clients facing pregnancy decisions and seeking spiritual support from their local pregnancy center —

beautiful-everyday-bibleThis spring, Care Net will distribute 95,000 complimentary Bibles to its network of over 1,160 affiliated pregnancy centers.

The distribution of complimentary Beautiful Everyday Bibles is made possible by a partnership between Care Net, Tyndale House Publishing, and local Christian bookstores. The partnership began in 2010, and since then has resulted in the distribution of over 725,000 free Bibles to Care Net-affiliated pregnancy centers in North America.

The purpose of the partnership is to help Care Net-affiliated centers provide the holistic support that women and men need when faced with pregnancy decisions. Centers provide not only material and emotional support, but spiritual support as well, and this partnership allows centers to get Bibles into the hands of their clients.

A core part of Care Net’s vision is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Beautiful Everyday Bibles have opened many doors over the past 5 years to make this vision a reality. The Bible was designed specifically for pregnancy center clients, with a letter from a real Care Net client who chose life, and a topical index and action plan specially created for women facing pregnancy decisions.

“To ignore the spiritual dimension of a person’s pregnancy decision is to ignore a central part of that person’s identity. That is why it is so important for our affiliated centers to have tools available to them to help them deliver the holistic – material, relational, social, emotional, and spiritual – support their clients need to make decisions for life and to be transformed and renewed through faith in Jesus Christ,” said Cindy Hopkins, Care Net’s vice president of center services and client care.

In addition to the direct assistance the free Bibles provide to centers and clients, the Beautiful Everyday Bible campaign allows centers to form important relationships with local Christian bookstores, donors, churches, and community members. These relationships are critical in allowing centers to provide comprehensive, longer-term support to the women and men they serve.

Family Christian and LifeWay participated in promoting the Beautiful Everyday Bible in 2015. The 95,000 Bibles (in English and Spanish) will ship to Care Net-affiliated pregnancy centers at the end of April.

Founded in 1975, Care Net supports one of the largest networks of pregnancy centers in North America and runs the nation’s only real-time call center providing pregnancy decision coaching. Care Net envisions a culture where women and men facing pregnancy decisions are empowered by the gospel of Jesus Christ to choose life for their unborn children and abundant life for their families. Acknowledging that every human life begins at conception and is worthy of protection, Care Net offers compassion, hope, and help to anyone considering abortion by presenting them with realistic alternatives and Christ-centered support through its life-affirming network of pregnancy centers, organizations, and individuals. Learn more at http://www.care-net.org.