Aigis Moukila of Frederick, MD is the Seventh Pregnancy Center Client to Receive a Full Tuition Scholarship.

Lansdowne, VA – Care Net, in partnership with Regent University, has awarded a four-year scholarship to Aigis Moukila, a pregnancy center client nominated for the scholarship by Care Net Pregnancy Center of Frederick, a Care Net affiliate in Frederick, MD, where she received services.

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Regent University, a leading university offering education rooted in a Christian perspective, has partnered with Care Net, a nonprofit organization that supports one of the nation’s largest networks of pregnancy centers, for the last seven years to offer scholarships to clients who have been served by one of Care Net’s 1,110 affiliated centers.

This year’s winner, Aigis Moukila, expecting her third baby, visited Care Net Pregnancy Center of Frederick looking for help and hope. Originally from the Congo, and only in the states for a short period of time, she arrived at the center in a time of confusion and loneliness.

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Tweet: Pregnant, this Congolese woman turned to an @inspirelifenow center for help. You won't believe what else she got, this Congolese woman turned to an @inspirelifenow center for help. You won’t believe what else she got”

It was during this emotional time that Aigis found found compassion, hope, and help through the caring team at her local center. She received free confirmation of her pregnancy, as well as both spiritual and material support. Those at the center who know her best are excited for her, describing Aigis as “intelligent, determined, unflappable, and steadfast.”

Aigis believes that “the scholarship will push me towards earning a degree in cybersecurity and my dreams of one day having a successful career as an engineer.”

Linda King, the Executive Director of Care Net Pregnancy Center of Frederick, is confident that Aigis will excel during her time at Regent University. She noted that Aigis is already fluent in four languages and possesses the skills required to excel in her degree program. “Aigis has remained steadfast and shown true grit,” she observed.

Dr. Sandra Christiansen, Medical Director at Care Net Pregnancy Center of Frederick commented that, “Aigis’s budding leadership skills and aptitude for knowledge would be fostered and developed during her college career at Regent University. I believe she is just the sort of person that Regent is looking for to take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity. It will be the catalyst that takes Aigis to the next level and allows her to blossom and flourish in her career and life. It would make all the difference.”

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Moukila received the scholarship award at the Care Net National Conference in Washington DC on September 1st. Her partner and two children were with her as she received the award. Moukila, the first of her family to attend college, wanted her children to see the positive example she is working to set for her family. Bryan Carraway, Accounts Manager of Corporate Partners at Regent University, and Eve Marie Barner Gleason, Director of Center Services at Care Net, presented the award.

Care Net and Regent University intend to award the scholarship again next year at Care Net’s National Conference in Atlanta, GA, from September 4 to 7, 2018. The application process will open in June 2018.

In a competitive process, clients are nominated by their local pregnancy center, submitting applications that are reviewed by a scholarship committee. The successful applicant demonstrates strong leadership potential, determination, academic aptitude, and the ability to thrive in Regent’s rigorous program.

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