Every single learner who completed our very first Client Care Essentials course said they learned new strategies that they were eager to put into practice at their center.

Here are a few of their comments:

“Every aspect of the course is great. I will encourage every CSL to take this course.” – Bluett Caceres, Client Services Director

“Great information overall about the role/responsibilities of client service leaders. I will refer back to the course material often.” – Ann Hunsinger, Executive Director

“I took a lot away from the instructional videos. I appreciated the leadership and managing bits. Also, the spiritual encouragement was very helpful. I caught nuggets of information that I could quickly and easily apply to my job.” – Anonymous

Every learner also rated this course as excellent or very good. They found the course materials engaging and challenging. Naturally, I’m really excited about this positive feedback and I hope you will be too – because ultimately a course doesn’t  transform your client care, you do – with the new knowledge and experiences you gain from the course materials and interaction with your instructor and other learners!

Here’s the lowdown:

Client Care Essentials is an instructor-led professional development course (much like a college course) specifically for Client Services Leaders (CSLs) and there’s nothing else like it.

This is a much deeper dive into management principles, designed for those who lead others in serving clients directly – like an executive director, center director, or client services manager. Just one person taking this course will benefit the entire center. Plus, it’s all online – perfect for the demanding schedules of life-affirming professionals.

So the questions I have for you are:

  • Is your center prepared for reaching more clients in the most professional way you can be?
  • Does your Client Services Leader feel fully equipped for the leadership role they are in? Maybe this is a good time to ask.
  • Do you know how you are viewed by your community and more specifically your target audience?

If you are a client care professional who is ready to lead your team to the next level, this challenging course is for you. The cost of the course is just $499. Plus, you can get a $50 discount by pre-registering for the next class right now.

Want to learn more? Join course instructor, Rebecca Klein, in her office for a few words about how this course can impact your ministry

10 Things to Know About Client Care Essentials from Care Net on Vimeo.

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