From the desk of Linda Karen

Alright, y’all, I need a head count. Raise your hand if you’re coming to San Diego. Hold on just a second. Some of y’all didn’t raise your hands. Well, whyyyyyyyyyyyy? I know, I know: it’s the money. It’s always about the money, I get it. I know what you’re going through, girl. Or, um, dude. I’ve been in your shoes, and they were size 9, ratted out, and I got them at the Dirt Cheap because our pregnancy center budget didn’t have “Mama needs new shoes” as a line item.

However, sometimes we have not because we ask not. And in my case, I had not because I asked not the right donors. So, I decided to put together a little “get over your fear of asking” blog post for those of you still on the fence.

1. What are they gonna say? No? Well, you might die by being told no, but I doubt it. Nobody’s gonna shave your head and take away your birthday when they tell you no. Most likely, they just won’t respond and you’ll have an easy out. But you HAVE TO ASK or you’ll never know.

2. Put together an easy email with price points where people can give toward certain things. For instance, you know that main conference registration is $499. Break it up into separate days. Here’s an example:

     Sponsor one day of conference registration for $166. We need three days.
     Sponsor one night at the conference hotel for $159. We need four nights.
     Sponsor one flight for _____. (You get the picture)

If you break your price points out a little, donors will feel like they can help. Send out an email to your donor list and just see what happens. You’d be surprised how many donors just aren’t asked. And before you mutter, “Well, she doesn’t know our donors – they’re tapped out,” yes I do. I had those donors too. And I thought they were tapped out. But when I asked, they gave joyfully. A few of them even surprised my control top pantyhose, color nude, right off.

Explain to your donors the importance of training and refreshment. Y’all”¦ the Care Net staff, specialists, and trainers save up their intercession all year long just for you. I remember feeling exhausted, and then coming to conference and leaving refreshed. You need this! I know you pride yourself on never doing anything for yourself, but do you hear how backwoods that sounded? If you’re down and out, everything and everyone else will be taking cues from you. Your center thrives when you get the training, encouragement and refreshment you need.

Where else are you gonna meet like-minded people, receive prayer like you’ve never received it before, laugh at silly old Linda Karen because my goodness, after six years, that woman is still confused, and gain the necessary tools and training you need to keep your center on the right track? At conference, that’s where! Come on, y’all. I promise this will be one conference you won’t want to miss! I’m praying for all your needs to be met this year. Hang in there!


Linda Karen is the conference alter-ego of Kay Sanford. Linda Karen has been an Executive Director of some center somewhere in Alabama for years. She first made her Care Net Conference debut in Baltimore in 2009, when she wandered on stage because she was lost. Since that time, she has delighted audiences with her questions, performances, and quirky southern phrases. She currently serves as the Care Net Conference correspondent, mainly because Polly had to give her an official title to appease her.