One of the wise sayings my earthly father left in my memory was “Don’t be so busy making a living, that there isn’t time to make a life.”   When I think on his advice, ‘board retreats’ often come to mind. So often, boards are so busy making the necessary month to month operational decisions, there isn’t time or energy left to make visionary, long-term, moving-forward decisions.  There is no time for the board to rest, to pray and meditate, to plan and to listen to God together. This can often result in stagnation, frustration, mission drift and loss of vision.  A once a year board retreat can help renew, refresh and set a path to move your center forward.

We live in a busy, noisy, demanding and complex world.  Daily we go from meeting to meeting, from appointment to appointment, and from obligation to obligation.  All the while we are texting, answering phone calls, checking Twitter and Facebook. No wonder the Psalmist reminds us that God says, “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10a)!

One thing most boards struggle with is maintaining enough committed members to keep it strong and effective. Part of this retention problem may be because being a pregnancy center board member is extremely challenging – spiritually, emotionally and physically.  They are governing a  ministry whose mission is to provide compassion, hope and help to hurting families. Governing a center to encourage families to choose life for their unborn child and accept abundant life through Jesus Christ is truly a God-sized calling. 

If you are struggling with maintaining enough board members or your board is having difficulty finding time to make more long-term decisions, maybe you need a board retreat!