Jas* came to the United States looking for a better future. Being in a new country was exciting and scary at the same time. So, when she met David who’d also recently immigrated, she found in him the security she craved.

Things were looking up”¦ until she discovered she was pregnant.

When David found out, he immediately said she should have an abortion. His response wasn’t a surprise. They both were from cultures that shamed people who got pregnant outside of wedlock, and the consequences would be severe if their families found out about it. 

Jas struggled with her options. Though she tried to hide the news, his parents discovered she was pregnant and immediately began pressuring her to abort as well.

“Just make the problem go away” seemed to be all that anyone wanted to do, but Jas still struggled with what seemed like the most obvious choice: abortion. So, she went online to do more reading and thinking. Thanks to your faithful support, she saw the number for Care Net’s national hotline Pregnancy Decision Line and connected with one of the coaches.

She told her coach that David was starting to come around to the idea of having a baby, but only if they got married IMMEDIATELY so no one else would know it was conceived out of wedlock. While Jas appreciated his change of heart, she was afraid to marry into his family after their attempts to manipulate into an abortion. But if she turned him down and tried to raise the baby on her own, she knew her own family wouldn’t be any more accepting than his.

Jas felt trapped. The coach compassionately listened to her fears and began pointing her to the truths she already knew in her heart. She wanted this baby. She didn’t know how everything would turn out, but she knew she didn’t want an abortion. The coach was able to connect her with a local pregnancy center for ongoing support. 

Before she hung up, Jas said abortion was off the table. Will you please pray with me for her, for David, and for their unborn baby today?

Unplanned pregnancy crosses every racial, national, and theological line. Every day, women and men from every nation and language find themselves considering abortion. 

Thank you for ensuring that there is a number they can call and local pregnancy centers they can visit to choose life. 

*Name changed to protect client privacy