Callie* had one of the toughest jobs in the world: being a single mom. She had two precious children and loved them dearly. Things were hard, but she was thankful for her kids.  

She hoped she wouldn’t be a single mom for long. She had a boyfriend, and she hoped this relationship would work out better than her last one. Maybe this guy would be there for her and her kids. Callie’s latest problem was how sick she had been feeling. She thought it might be a virus, but she had to be sure… so she bought a pregnancy test.  

The result terrified her. She was pregnant. How could she raise another child by herself? Hoping her boyfriend would be willing to be there for her and their baby, she told him the news. 

Her heart sank as he told her he just couldn’t help with this baby and pressured her to have an abortion instead. 

Callie knew that it would be hard to do what he wanted. Their baby was already too far along for an “easy” abortion. 

She went online to learn more about late-term options. Thanks to your generosity, she saw an ad for our national hotline and spoke with a pro-life coach, trained and ready for her call.  

Callie’s coach listened to her story. Callie shared that she never really wanted an abortion, but felt pressured into it by her partner. As they spoke, her coach shared medically accurate information about what late-term abortion entails. As Callie heard how the procedure worked, she became convinced: she couldn’t”¦ and wouldn’t…. do that to her baby. 

Thanks to you, Callie chose life that day 

The abortion industry would have us believe that late term abortions only happen in extremely rare circumstances. However, all too often that isn’t the case. Women like Callie desperately need a voice of hope and practical help in order to choose life. You ensure they can find both through our national hotline, our network of local affiliated pregnancy centers, and churches equipped by our ministry curriculum 

Thank you for saving Callie’s baby that day! Please join us in praying that God will keep her secure in her decision to choose life, and that she and her family can experience the abundant life God desires for each of us.  And thank you for making sure that our hotline is ready for the next mom or dad facing a similar choice.