Men play a critical role in pregnancy decisions. Research shows us that the father of an unborn child is the most important influencer on the mother’s decision to keep her baby”¦ or to have an abortion.

Accordingly, our calling is to help men be influences for good, not for evil. For the good of life and family, not for the evil of abortion.

That is why, with your support, Care Net launched The Joseph Project a few years ago – to inspire men to be forces for good in the fight for life, and to equip pregnancy centers to serve expectant fathers in the midst of their life or death pregnancy decisions.

You see, we in the pro-life movement have been very good about ascribing “the virtues of Mary” to the women we serve as we help them through their unplanned pregnancies. But we haven’t been as effective in ascribing “the character of Joseph” to the men we often fail to serve.

I get it. Having served as president of National Fatherhood Initiative for 11 years, I know the work of reaching and serving men and fathers is hard. But, as is often the case, what is hard is usually worth it.

That is why we provide a variety of tools to our affiliated pregnancy centers to make this work practical and doable. Most recently, we launched Doctor Dad tm, a series of one-on-one or group workshops that teach expectant fathers the health care and child safety skills they will need to care for their children. This program gives men the confidence they need to make decisions for life, and it gives mothers the confidence they need in him to know he is ready to be a father to their child.

And you can help, too! Our affiliated pregnancy centers are always looking for volunteers, especially men to be mentors and encouragers to their male clients. Our communities need more “Josephs”; strong Christian men to step into the gap to help families make decisions for abundant life. If you or someone you know would like to help, please use our Find a Center tool on our website to locate a pregnancy center near you.

God bless you as you work to empower more “Josephs!”