Over the last few years, you’ve probably heard me say that Care Net is not a pro-life organization“¦ we are a Pro Abundant Life organization. 

There’s another distinction that I like to make about Care Net that is just as important. We are not just a Pro Abundant Life organization”¦ we are a gospel-centered ministry

If you’ve read our vision statement, you’ll notice that it says “Care Net envisions a culture where women and men faced with pregnancy decisions are transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ”¦” In other words, the driver, motivator, and goal of what we do is to help people come into saving relationships with Jesus Christ. Indeed, that is what any good ministry should be focused on.

But why is this so important for a pro-life (or Pro Abundant Life) organization? 

The key is in one critical word: transformation. 

Care Net is not a transactional organization that merely aspires to help women and men choose life for their babies and then “sends them on their way” into the lifestyles and circumstances that led to their unplanned pregnancies. Rather, we desire to save their babies from abortion, but also transform their hearts and minds.

Only through the transformation of their hearts and minds can mothers and fathers become disciples of Jesus Christ instead of disciples of the culture that contributed to their need for our help in the first place. Only as transformed disciples of Jesus Christ can the cycle of abortion be broken in their lives. Transformation ensures that they should never need to return to a pregnancy center again as a client. Instead they can return as someone ready to serve others. Transformation can ensure that their children will grow up in an environment in which the Gospel is lived out, rather than one where they see firsthand the destructive messages from our culture that lead to unplanned pregnancies. 

And of course, this kind of transformation can only happen through the gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s why our affiliated pregnancy centers and our Pregnancy Decision Line coaches are trained to tactfully and effectively share the gospel with those we serve. As you’ll see from the stories we’ve shared with you in this edition of Caring Together, gospel transformation was key in not only saving babies from abortion, but in turning the lives of their mothers towards Christ”¦ so that lives can be saved for now and for eternity. 

Thank you for partnering with us in making these “life stories” come true!