Do you love listening to podcasts? Podcasts have become the new radio! They’re a great way to listen to your favorite authors and speakers and stay informed about issues you care about.

We know you care about issues of life. Here are eight pro-life podcasts that you may want to check out.

1. Care Net’s CareCast tm

Of course, our favorite podcast is CareNet’s CareCast tm, featuring Care Net President and CEO, Roland Warren, and Chief Outreach Officer, Vincent DiCaro. Roland and Vince discuss issues of abundant life as they relate to current public policy issues, stories in the news, and uplifting stories of people choosing life. 

2. Explicitly Pro-Life with Kristan Hawkins

Every week, Explicitly Pro-Life focuses on changing the tide in America to overturn Roe v. Wade and shifting the political playing field in America. Host Kristan Hawkins is the President of Students for Life of America, a mother of four, and a fierce fighter for the unborn.

3. The Vita Podcast

This pro-life podcast highlights the amazing work people are doing in their local communities to advocate for and build up the culture of life.

4. Right to Life Radio: Life Report with John Gerardi

This weekly radio show and podcast aims to raise the bar on pro-lifers critical thinking skills. According to show notes, this podcast is, “brutally honest about the strengths and weaknesses of BOTH sides of the life issues.”

5. Love Will End Abortion

Love Will End Abortion is a pro-life radio show hosted by Jim Havens. The show features compelling interviews, current events, and ongoing formation to help equip us for increased effectiveness in building a culture of life.

6. 40 Days for Life Podcast

In this weekly podcast, Shawn Carney, his co-hosts, and guests discuss how you can save lives where you live. The show features inspiring stories, exclusive interviews, and occasional humor.

7. Ready to Stand: Pro-Life Radio

This Catholic pro-life radio show hosted by Cullen Herout discusses current events and pro-life issues.

8. End Abortion Podcast

The End Abortion Podcast is part of a global multi platform initiative to end abortion. These Catholic podcasts, put out by Priests for Life, are here to help energize and educate you on spreading the pro-life message and providing the tools necessary to end abortion.

Do you know of others? What pro-life podcasts do you listen to that should be added to this list? List them in the comments!

(Please note: this post is for information and education purposes only. The viewpoints in these podcasts do not necessarily reflect the views of CareNet.)