When women and men call Care Net’s national hotline, Pregnancy Decision Line (PDL), they are often facing difficult unplanned pregnancies. They’re looking for information about abortion, the procedure that our culture has told them is their “only hope.”

They are calling looking for information, but, because of pro ABUNDANT life people like you, they can find more than information about their options. They also have the opportunity to encounter Christ and experience the transformation He alone can bring.

That’s what Sarah* discovered when she spoke to her hotline coach a couple months ago. Sarah had already decided she was going to have an abortion. She’d found a local abortion provider and scheduled her appointment. But then, with only 48 hours until her appointment, she began to have second thoughts.

Consumed by the need to know more about her abortion procedure, she went online. That’s where she found the number for PDL and called.

You Took the Opportunity to Share Everlasting Truth

As Sarah spoke with her coach, she realized that she needed help.

Not the “help” of an abortion, but the help of Jesus Christ. Right there on the phone, she committed her life to the Lord. But even as Sarah’s coach celebrated the decision with her, Sarah confessed she still wasn’t sure what she would do with her pregnancy.

As Sarah hung up the phone, her coach and the rest of the Care Net staff prayed for this new believer to make a life-saving choice for her precious unborn baby.

God answered those prayers in a mighty way.

The Signs Pointed to LIFE

The day of her appointment, Sarah met with her doctor and was diagnosed with a condition that required postponing the abortion. Then, the next morning, the abortion clinic called saying they had overbooked themselves. Sarah saw this for what it was: a sign that God was moving to spare the life of her baby, so she called her coach back and told her what God had done.

While she was still uncertain about the future, she knew that God was working in her life”¦ and protecting the life of her baby.

Right now, our culture is debating what the future of Roe v. Wade will look like. While these debates rage on in the State House and the Court House, your generosity ensures that women like Sarah can experience the transformation of Christ, a transformation that makes abortion unthinkable. . . no matter what the law says.