This episode of LifeChat is part one of a four-part series covering the four arguments of pro-choice Christians. Roland Warren, Care Net’s President and CEO, and Vincent DiCaro, Care Net’s Chief Outreach Officer, sit down to address some of the concerns and arguments that Christians who profess to be pro-choice have around the life issue.

In this special episode, Roland and Vince discuss one of the biggest questions related to the four arguments of pro-choice Christians. Many will say, “Jesus never talked about abortion”¦so He must not be against it.” Well, how can we engage with this kind of thinking? Let’s watch as Roland and Vince talk through this first question, what do the Great Commandment and the Great Commission have to say about the life issue?

What do the Great Commandment and the Great Commission Have to Say about the Life Issue?

Christians, whether you profess to be pro-life or pro-choice, we seem to spend our time looking for those few magical passages in Scripture that we feel make the argument for our idea. We try to isolate a passage of Scripture that addresses the abortion issue in a very specific way. But, what Vince and Roland do in this video is show us that, throughout all of Scripture, there’s an argument for life. So rather than just trying to either prove or disprove the pro-life position, you’ll notice that Roland and Vince don’t mention any of the Bible verses you might be thinking of as the “pro-life Bible passages.” Instead, they talk about Scripture as a whole and the biblical principles found in Scripture that address the life issue.

I appreciate how Roland and Vince discuss this question. For example, in terms of a biblical worldview on an issue…like say gun control. Jesus never talked about guns. Does that mean there’s not a perspective in Scripture about violence in some way, shape, or form? Maybe you’d say, “Well, there’s plenty of violence in the Old Testament, so…” If we only took the Old Testament, the New Testament, or the words of Christ in red, where would we be?

Instead, as Roland and Vince will explain in this Life Chat, we must look at the OT, the NT, and Jesus’s words””and find the overall meaning””the narrative of Scripture. There are principles against violence in Scripture. We can more easily see them when we zoom out and view them from a wider lens. Point is, the Bible has plenty of principles that speak to plenty ofissues  in our day. 

With the life issue, we hear folks say, “Well, we don’t find the life issue in Scripture. So we can go with whatever the culture says.” We want to make sure you don’t do that. If you have or you know someone who has a pro-choice perspective as a Christian””stick with us. Listen and consider what Scripture really says. Pray through it. We hope to give you a helpful perspective on the life issue as you move forward.

Watch: What do the Great Commandment and the Great Commission Have to Say about the Life Issue? (Video) 


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