Must pro-life equal political advocacy? Great question; and glad you asked. It’s the question Roland Warren, Care Net’s President and CEO, and Vincent DiCaro, Care Net’s Chief Outreach Officer, discuss in the newest episode of CareCast, Care Net’s podcast on family, faith, and life. Let’s listen in on the conversation between Roland and Vincent.

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A major national announcement by presidential candidate Donald Trump where he essentially laid out his stance on the abortion issue created quite the divide. It seems every person who pays attention to the news and the abortion issue had something to say about it.

Donald Trump essentially said he is not going to support a national abortion law of any kind and that it should be the state’s decision. His statement certainly seems to have divided the room. Thankfully, there are smart and good folks to discuss Trump’s statement, what exactly that division is, and well, what room we’re even sitting in.

David French, writing for the opinion page of the New York Times, wrote an article entitled The Great hypocrisy of the Pro-Life Movement. Roland and Vincent, in the latest episode of CareCast, discuss in detail Trump’s statement, the national divide on abortion, and what they think David French got right and wrong.

In the podcast, Roland and Vince mention several insights to help us navigate Trump’s statement and French’s column. For example, with French’s opinion piece, Roland points out that when you have a prominent columnist writing for the New York Times who’s reinforcing the idea that all pro-life is just “all political stuff””¦it’s simply not helpful”¦and also it’s not accurate.

If you can cull through this divide and end up on the other side — you have to ask yourself: Are there various sides to the pro-life movement, or is it a monolith? Is it solely about politics? Is it possible to have both compassionate advocacy and compassionate care? Can and will our compassion, advocacy, and care ever be tethered to an immutable core truth that doesn’t change with a new election season? And how do we save the most babies from abortion? 


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