When the pregnancy test read “positive,” Natalie* felt the tears spring to her eyes. She and her boyfriend Jake* already had two kids and barely made ends meet. Could they support another baby? 

Jake agreed with her doubts. “Babe, we just don’t make enough money as it is,” he said to her sorrowfully. Together they concluded that an abortion was their only choice

Researching abortion the next day, Natalie found the Pregnancy Decision Line and called, hoping they could help her understand her options. Despair welled up in her throat as she spoke, but she wasn’t sure why. “We just can’t afford another baby right now,” she said numbly. 

As the coach carefully explained the factual details of various abortion procedures, Natalie’s distress grew and her stomach churned. She didn’t feel at peace about any of it. The coach told Natalie about the support available through pregnancy centers, and that there was one local to Natalie – just a few miles away – that could provide support and help with her very real needs. The coach gave Natalie the contact information of the pregnancy center praying she would change her mind about pursuing an abortion. 

When the coach began to gently switch gears and share the gospel, Natalie felt something break open inside of her. The simple truth of the gospel pricked at her in a way she never thought it could. Receptive to the words of truth and grace, Natalie opened her heart to the Lord and prayed with the coach to accept Him as her Lord and Savior! Relief flooded over her almost immediately and she felt something else she hadn’t had in a long time: hope

Life transforming moments like this are only possible because of your support of the Pregnancy Decision Line. Every day our team of dedicated coaches shares the hope of the gospel with women and men who are at their wit’s end and facing tough pregnancy decisions. Please pray for Natalie and women like her that they will make connections with Pro Abundant Life Christians in their community who can empower them to choose life and help them mature in their faith.