At the heart of Care Net’s mission is our desire to save the unborn from the horror of abortion. But right alongside that desire is our calling to transform those we serve through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This calling sets Care Net apart”¦ and therefore sets you apart as a supporter of this life-changing work. You are not just saving lives for this earth, you are saving lives for eternity.

But there aren’t just eternal and spiritual fruits that result from sharing the Gospel-there are very practical benefits that relate directly to the work of saving babies and building strong families. As always, we can turn to scripture for clarity. In the story of Christ’s birth, which I have discussed several times in this column, Mary and Joseph are guided by God through choices that result in the birth of Christ and His safe return to Mary and Joseph’s home in Nazareth. Because they were in relationship with God, they were able to hear, receive, and obey the guidance they needed in order to choose life for their unborn child and then protect that life from a dangerous world.

Their relationship with God made all the difference.

That is why sharing the Gospel is not tangential, but central to our work. The Gospel offers an opportunity to be transformed and to enter into relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Parents can then receive the guidance they need to choose life for their unborn children and abundant life for their families.

This is just one of the reasons Care Net is so focused on engaging local parishes and churches in the fight against abortion. The church is God’s instrument to transform-and save!– lives. I look forward to what God has in store for us as we mobilize His church to bring abundant life to children and families!