Tamara* thought herself to be like most of the women she knew. She’d grown up in a religious family who went to church often enough, and she considered herself a Christian. She wasn’t one of those Christians, though. Not super enthusiastic or anything like that. She just tried to do the right thing, love her neighbor, and love God. 

Her upbringing told her these were the things she needed to do. It also told her there were some things she shouldn’t do, and things that God didn’t like. Things like abortion. If you’d have asked her last year if she’d ever consider an abortion, she’d have said you were crazy to even ask. Abortion was the last thing she thought she’d consider. 

Until she saw that blue line on her pregnancy test. 

As soon as Tamara saw her positive pregnancy test, she knew her life would never be the same. Immediately, her mind raced with all the reasons she couldn’t have a baby right now. Abortion had never seemed like an option before…but now”¦ Somehow, it was different when it was her positive pregnancy test. Staring the prospect of an unplanned pregnancy in the face changed all her preconceived notions about abortion. 

Like so many women, Tamara went online as the very first place to get more information as she decided what to do. Thanks to your support, she saw the number for Care Net’s Pregnancy Decision Line and was able to speak with a caring hotline coach grounded in a Pro Abundant Life perspective. 

When Tamara said she was Christian, the hotline coach asked her to describe her faith. As the conversation progressed, the coach realized that Tamara had grown up in the church but didn’t really know the Gospel. God was an impersonal force in her life and Jesus a distant moral teacher, not her personal savior. 

So Tamara’s coach introduced her to the Jesus of the Gospel. A living savior who loves her and her unborn child deeply. Who promises to walk with us through any difficulty and temptation so we can overcome it. Who values every single human life. Tamara left the conversation considering the truth she’d never really considered: the truth that she and her baby were part of God’s plan

Please pray with us for Tamara and her baby. Pray that as Jesus becomes more and more tangible in her life, so too will the truth that abortion destroys a precious life made in God’s image.

Please also pray for the countless women and men like them. Our research into abortion found that two out of five women having their first abortion were attending church at least once a month at the time of their abortion. Most describe themselves as Christians, but many haven’t been set free by the Gospel.

You ensure that these moms and dads can hear the Gospel, sometimes for the first time. Since 2008, more than 1.5 million parents have heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ because of you and generous pro-life partners who stand with Care Net in this work.

Thank you! 

*client name changed.