How you reached one mom in her moment of fear!

Raven* already had a baby when she found out that she was pregnant. . .  again. Preparing to start a certification program, she feared another child would jeopardize her plan. How could she possibly go to school with two babies?

She began researching different abortion procedures.

She called Care Net’s Pregnancy Decision Line (PDL) to learn more about a particular procedure and the risks associated with it.

The average woman considering abortion takes only nine days after confirming her pregnancy to follow through on her plan. As soon as our PDL coach picked up the phone, the clock was ticking.


While talking through the procedure with one of our pregnancy decision coaches, Raven confessed she felt God would not approve of abortion and she was became more and more upset as she continued talking about it. She also confided that she had been put off praying about the situation, despite knowing she should.

It was a pivotal moment. Having someone to listen to her, talk through all of her options, and help her process her thoughts and feelings encouraged her to think about things differently.

After talking it through, Raven made the decision for life that she knew she needed to make all along!

When our coach called a few days later, Raven was even more certain of her choice for life and was planning to set an appointment for an ultrasound to see the precious life God had entrusted to her.

These are the changes that YOU make possible with your support! Please, help us continue to reach more women and men considering abortion with a gift today, and also join us to pray for Raven, her baby, and God’s provision as they face the challenges ahead of them.

This story was first published in the June 2015 edition of Caring Together, Care Net’s quarterly newsletter.

* Names are changed to protect the identity of our clients.