Marta* had concerns about her health”¦ and then she found herself pregnant. She turned to the first safe place she could think of: her mother.

This could have been another success story for Planned Parenthood”¦ but then you intervened.

Wrestling with what to do, Marta and her mom saw an ad online for Pregnancy Decision Line (PDL)””thanks to you!  With her daughter by her side, Marta’s mother called PDL and found a compassionate pregnancy decision coach who offered a listening ear about their difficult family background and a referral to a local pregnancy center””thanks to you!

They visited the pregnancy center, found open doors, hope, and help””thanks to you! They asked their doctor for an ultrasound based on counsel they received from Care Net””thanks to you! And, together, they chose life for Marta’s unborn child””thanks to you!   

You see, without faithful partners like you, none of the support mentioned above would have existed and Marta’s baby would likely have become another victim of abortion.

Marta’s story proves you are making an impact. Thousands of people like Marta’s mother have a direct influence on whether a parent chooses life or death for their unborn child, and you help to “influence the influencers” through the work of Care Net. Each time we connect with them through blog posts, pod casts, videos, or social media, we help move them from advocating for abortion to advocating for life. Once again, thank you!

So let us offer one final thank you. Your partnership helped Care Net develop a tool that ensures Marta, and those facing similar circumstances, receive the support they need to make life-affirming choices.

We hope you are blessed knowing that God is using you to help make stories like Marta’s, and thousands of others, possible!

* Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.