Pregnancy Decision Line

worried-girl-413690_1280She thought no one would want her baby. Why bring a child no one wanted into the world?

When Mariah* discovered she was pregnant, her mother said the best thing she could do was get an abortion. Her boyfriend left her. Mariah thought she was all alone.

In desperation, she decided abortion was her only option.

Mariah called our Pregnancy Decision Line looking for information on abortion. But what she really wanted was hope.

“Everyone wants me to have an abortion, but I really don’t want to,” Mariah admitted to our pregnancy coach.

The pregnancy coach gave Mariah assurance. “You have the heart of a mother because you want to protect your baby,” she told Mariah.

The pregnancy coach put Mariah in contact with the pregnancy center near her for further counseling and resources. Mariah CHOSE LIFE for her baby!

*Name changed for privacy.

Our Pregnancy Decision Line and pregnancy centers empower mothers and fathers to choose life and your generosity helps us provide that vital support for fathers and mothers like Mariah.