How you gave a mother hope!

Amanda* was shocked to find out she was pregnant.

At what she thought was a routine doctor’s visit, she learned she was 14 weeks pregnant with her first child! Shocked, scared, and confused – Amanda didn’t know what to do or where to turn”¦

Her life seemed to be falling apart”¦ and fast. Still grieving the recent loss of her mother, Amanda was also taking care of her father. Her plate was full and adding a baby was unthinkable.

Amanda was afraid to share the news with anyone, including the baby’s father. She felt hopeless, overwhelmed, and utterly alone. Worst of all, she believed abortion was her only way out. 

But there was still hope for her and her baby!

By God’s grace, Amanda found Care Net’s Pregnancy Decision Line (PDL), the nation’s only call center focused on providing immediate and comprehensive support to women and men considering abortion.

The Pregnancy Decision Line coaches you support are some of the most gifted and compassionate women in the pro-life movement, and each and every call they receive can literally be a matter of life and death.

When Amanda called PDL, she had abortion on her mind. That was her plan. . . Her only plan.

However, the pregnancy decision coach prayed and trusted that God had another plan waiting for Amanda. A better plan.

During that initial call, Amanda opened up and shared exactly what was going on in her life. The coach listened intently and was able to share the love of Christ, as well as the truth about abortion.

In addition, the coach discussed ongoing care and support available to Amanda through a local pregnancy center. The coach was, once again, dealing with a life and death situation. 

When the coach hung up the phone with Amanda, only God knew what would happen next”¦

The Power of Hope

Later that very same week Amanda called PDL again. The tone of this call was very different than the first one.  Despite the challenges she was facing, Amanda now had peace and clarity about what she needed to do.  She knew the child inside of her was indeed a life. A life worth protecting! 

Emphatically, Amanda declared to the PDL coach, “I can’t give up on my baby. I just didn’t know what to do at the time!”

There are so many women like Amanda who are scared, shocked, and confused in the face of an unplanned pregnancy. And they don’t know what to do.

But they do have a place to turn. Made possible by your generosity, PDL connected with nearly 60,000 people through our website last year alone.  However, we know there are so many more women like Amanda that we need to reach.

That’s why Care Net MUST expand the capacity of Pregnancy Decision Line. We must hire more coaches and expand our hours of operation.

Please act today by giving a sacrificial gift to Care Net’s life-saving work. Your generous support will enable Care Net to answer even more phone calls from women like Amanda, and to save more lives. 

As you know, we receive no government support whatsoever. Every dollar you contribute will be used wisely. It will be used to save real lives — like the life of Amanda’s baby.

We are deeply grateful for your prayerful consideration. Please help today.


* Names are changed to protect the identity of our clients.