How your support tranformed grief into joy!

black_coupleWhen Zuria* contacted Pregnancy Decision Line (PDL), she was burdened by guilt.

Her son’s father had passed away, and she was in a new relationship. When she found out she was pregnant, she emailed us. She felt conflicted, wondering whether having the baby would betray the memory of her young son’s father.

While the father of her unborn child was supportive of the pregnancy, she still wasn’t sure.


One of our PDL coaches set up a time to talk with Zuria on the phone, knowing that an unborn baby’s life hung in the balance.

In that phone call, the PDL coach affirmed Zuria’s feelings, assuring her that no one could replace her son’s father. And then she encouraged Zuria to see her new pregnancy as a chance to heal and grow as a family.

Having someone who truly listened to her made all the difference. After talking through her feelings and fears, Zuria chose LIFE!

From Guilt to Hope

A day after that fateful phone call, Zuria emailed back and said that she was so thankful for the support that kept her from choosing to have an abortion.

She is now excited about her new family and is going to keep us updated on the baby!

Imagine parent’s unspeakable joy as they hold their newborn child. Your prayers and support make that possible!