beautiful-young-family.jpg_s=1024x1024&w=is&k=20&c=-ls_-zStxdmtJQkS7qqAYi1IOAJ3Tqb8jc7NMfMIgbc=God’s still writing an incredible story of grace that you helped make possible!

Reconciliation. What is it exactly? Let’s look through the lens of our Heavenly Father.  God reconciled the world to Himself, canceling our debt by sending His Son Jesus to the cross to die and take the penalty for sin in our place. All who call upon the name of Jesus are forgiven and brought back into a loving personal relationship with God. This is reconciliation, and Skylar and her husband are now experiencing a similar restoration in their marriage. 

Do you remember Skylar*? We shared her story last year. She had discovered she was pregnant”¦ and that her husband had been unfaithful.

On top of that, her husband had also made some bad decisions at work that risked his job. Anger and betrayal led her to seek an abortion. Desperately needing someone to talk to, Skylar searched online and found Care Net’s national hotline””Pregnancy Decision Line. The coach listened, talked over the situation with Skylar, prayed with her, and trusted in God. 

You Helped Save a Life That Day

When the PDL coach talked to Skylar a few days later, God was at work and things had already started shifting. In that time Skylar’s heart changed”¦ And she chose life for her baby! Her husband also found out that he would keep his job. In the midst of all that, Skylar and her husband were beginning to heal and rebuild trust within their marriage.

You see, Pregnancy Decision Line coaches and Care Net as an organization, care deeply – like you do – about building strong families, offering the Good News of Jesus Christ whenever possible, helping guide them into a pro abundant life relationship with the Lord, and ultimately leading women and men to choose life for their unborn babies. 

Their Story Is Still Being Written

Fast forward to today.  Skylar just recently reached out to the PDL coach she had talked to before.  She told her; “It’s crazy how much you had helped me, and everyday I’m so thankful for his little face”.  She also shared some pictures of her baby and the whole family. This is what reconciliation is all about.  God’s reconciliation for the world through His Son Jesus Christ results in family reconciliation, like we have seen here with Skylar. PRAISE GOD!

God brings reconciliation through people like you.  Your sacrificial generosity is part of God’s plan to bring families back together.  Your partnership ensures that resources like Pregnancy Decision Line are available to moms and dads like Skylar and her husband to help them choose not just life for the unborn child but abundant life in Christ.  THANK YOU for being the hands and feet of Jesus!