You Made Choosing Life Possible for Robyn

God is a God of the impossible. The situation Robyn* found herself in made having this baby seem impossible for her. But God had different plans, which is probably common in all our lives. Robyn had an opportunity to trust in the Lord. What would she do?

Robyn’s situation was not unique, but it was one of the most heartbreaking that our hotline coaches hear. Robyn had been raped and was concerned she might be pregnant, but she didn’t know for sure. The rape had occurred some months prior, and she just didn’t think she could carry the baby. She called our national hotline because she didn’t know what else to do. She was understandably very distraught and scared.

Our hotline coaches are extensively trained to be sensitive when talking to a caller in any crisis, but especially when the caller has been physically or sexually abused. Robyn’s coach chose her words carefully, relying on the Holy Spirit to guide their conversation.

Robyn was so relieved to discover that her coach was kind, compassionate, and a good listener. She let Robyn open up slowly to get out all that was burdening her. They talked and prayed for almost an hour about her trauma, but also about how every baby is created in the image of God and is worthy of protection no matter how their conception occurred.

At the end of their call, Robyn was still determined to get an abortion. She hadn’t made an appointment yet, however, so the PDL coach also gave her resources for her local pregnancy center.  Robyn took down the information but made no promises to go. All Robyn’s coach and our team of intercessors could do was pray that Robyn would find healing and choose life for her unborn baby.

The Power of Prayer at Work

We know God answers prayer in His own timing. Sometimes that can be weeks, months, or years later, but sometimes He answers right away! Well, this time He answered right away.  After Robyn got off the phone with her hotline coach, she made an appointment with her local pregnancy center for the next morning. And she went! 

When her hotline coach reached out to Robyn to follow up with her, Robyn told her all about her visit to the pregnancy center and all of the support she found there. The best news of all was Robyn had decided to keep her baby!

Robyn told her coach that the women at the pregnancy center showed her such incredible compassion – compassion she had never received before – and God used them to change her mind. Praise God! 

Robyn told the staff at the pregnancy center that she really felt that God had directed her to call Care Net’s hotline, which resulted in her keeping the baby.

You ensured a coach was there to talk Robyn through her trauma and provide her with the support she needed to choose life for her baby despite her circumstances. You are the hands and feet of Jesus, and we praise God for you!