As Pro Abundant Life people, we are painfully aware of the importance of sharing the realities of their unplanned pregnancies and what God says about abortion with moms and dads.

However, what happens when a young and unmarried woman who is raised in the church finds herself facing an unplanned pregnancy? Rachael was one such woman. She grew up in the church. She knew all too well the humanity of unborn children and God’s desire for children to be raised by a mother and father united together in marriage. She also knew that God-honoring sexual expression is enjoyed between a husband and wife.

She’d been raised with the right understanding. The problem was, she’d witnessed how her parents had responded to news of other girls her age getting pregnant. Their responses told her she wasn’t safe letting them, or anyone else, know about what she did. She couldn’t see how she could carry her baby to term.

So, she went online looking for a place to schedule her abortion. 

If it wasn’t for you, that’s where her story and the life of her baby would have ended.

But because you chose to intervene through Care Net, Rachael saw an ad for our national hotline for those considering abortion, Pregnancy Decision Line, and called in. 

Rachel explained that she knew abortion was wrong, but she didn’t know how she could choose anything else. It was clear, Rachael didn’t want an abortion, but she was afraid her parents would disown her if they knew she’d had sex and gotten pregnant. She was scared and ashamed.

But thanks to you, Rachael’s coach was able to pray with her and encourage her to hold tight to the God she loved and the promise He made to never leave her or her baby.

Stories like Rachael’s are why we have to do more than just teach the right things about abortion in church, we have to live these truths out with compassion and grace. Right now, your support is transforming churches across the country with our Making Life Disciples curriculum so they are ready to minister to women like Rachael. To make sure that no one feels like they are trapped in an unplanned or unwed pregnancy.

You are demonstrating to countless moms and dads that they can choose life. They can find grace and compassion.

Thank you for being there for women like Rachael. Please join us in praying for her and all the other women and men like her to find hope and help in the church.