I have the privilege of leading a national ministry that’s intimately connected to the heart of God. In short, my job is to disseminate a ministry tool called Making Life Disciples (MLD) that’s designed to equip a select group of individuals in a local church to offer compassion, hope, and help to women and men facing pregnancy decisions. We work hard every day to implement the vision of this resource in 1,000 churches by the end of 2020.

This devotional was created to give you a feel for what I’m starting to see God do nationally. What you’ll read over seven days are the testimonies that have encouraged me the most this past year. Although I’ve changed some names to protect anonymity, I’ve tried to make as few edits as possible. I’ve done my best to present them in raw form with no spin so you can experience the same energy and stirrings that I have.

Ministry to the abortion-vulnerable is challenging: it is private and hidden; further, it has been politicized and disconnected from the gospel, discipleship, and grace. If things are going to change, the church must lead. We will all need the patience and perseverance of the hardworking farmer (2 Tim. 2:1-6). As the late A.W. Pink has well said:

A lot of our so-called Christian work today reminds me of little children when they first witness father or mother doing some gardening. The ground is prepared and then the seed is sown, and everyday the child goes into the garden and he looks around to see if the seed is beginning to sprout, and if it doesn’t show any signs and he wants to make sure that the seed is beginning to sprout, he just scratches around amongst the soil. He wants to SEE something. My friends, that is what a lot of us are doing in so-called Christian work today! O we have so little confidence in the divine ‘seed’ to bring about the harvest that God has ordained it shall do.1

May God give us all more confidence in his sovereign grace, and may these first authentic God-at-work accounts refresh your spirit and strengthen your faith.

1 The Life of Arthur W. Pink by Iain Murray, p.46.