Have you noticed in the last year that more and more Christians, and even Christian denominations, have become very vocal about their pro-choice convictions?

The abortion industry certainly seems to have noticed! Abortion giants like Planned Parenthood have accelerated their plans to “convert” religious people, especially Christians, to their cause.

Sadly, being a pro-life Christian has become increasingly challenging in our country. It can be very disheartening for those of us who passionately advocate for the unborn to watch our brothers and sisters in the Church actively endorse abortion.

But our God doesn’t operate from a place of fear. He doesn’t operate in uncertainty. His Word is beautifully and abundantly clear about the value he places on every human life He has made in His image. In His grace, God has given me new insights into how deeply his Word supports our cause to protect the unborn.

Have you ever thought of the Great Commandment and the Great Commission as powerful statements in support of the pro-life cause? Well, they are!

The Great Commandment instructs us to love God, our neighbors, and ourselves. So, how does having an abortion or supporting abortion reflect a love of all three? Indeed, abortion elevates love of self above love of God and others. “My body, my choice” is simply an expression of this worldview.

How about the Great Commission? (“Go and make disciples of all nations and teach them all the things I have commanded you.”) How does aborting a child help that child to become a disciple of Jesus Christ? How does it reflect what Christ taught us?

Friend, be encouraged. Even in the midst of a culture seemingly against us at every turn… Even in the midst of churches appearing to turn against us… God’s Word is sufficient! It provides everything we need to speak to our brothers and sisters in Christ about why we believe what we believe and why we will continue fighting for unborn children and their mothers and fathers.

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