If there is any hope of repairing the crumbling bedrock of American culture””evident through abortion, the breakdown of the family, and other social ills””men must assume their God-given responsibilities.

That was the challenge issued last year by Dr. Tony Evans at Care Net’s inaugural Pro-Life Men’s Summit.

Care Net Hosts Second Pro-Life Men’s Summit

“To salvage a declining culture, the foundation must be shored up and men must rise up to their divinely-called kingdom responsibilities for themselves and for their families,” he said. “[In Exodus 23], God said if you come under my authority, I will save your nation. There will be no barren one among you, and there will be no lost children.”

“Today, we are looking at the tragedy of abortion, infanticide, even abuse and rejection, because the foundation has [shifted], leaving cracks in the culture.”

On March 3-4, 2023, Dr. Evans and Care Net CEO and President Roland Warren will be the keynote speakers at the second annual Called and Missioned Pro-Life Men’s Summit at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas. The Summit includes other dynamic speakers and sessions and musical guest Mac Powell, former lead singer of Third Day.

Care Net is calling men to serve in the organization’s Pro Abundant Life vision of providing compassion, hope, and help to anyone considering abortion; The Summit will inspire and equip attendees to turn their pro-life passion into action.

The two-day conference is ideal for men’s ministry leaders at pregnancy centers; believers who are interested in how they can serve women and men at risk for abortion in their communities; and pastors and church leaders (including lay leaders).

At last year’s Summit, men left inspired to not only be Pro Abundant Life advocates but to call and disciple other men to do the same.

“This conference was a reminder that men have been called from the beginning””you look through scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation””that call has always been there,” said one attendee.

“I came to the pro-life men’s conference because I wanted to make a difference. I’m passionate about [the pro-life movement] and I want to make abortion unthinkable. I came here to learn how to spread that fire,” said another man.

Dr. Evans, the senior pastor of Oak Cliff Fellowship and one of the nation’s most respected evangelical leaders, exhorted the men to be advocates of justice, to fight for the vulnerable, and “preserve life, from the womb to the tomb.”

“Today, we are in a cultural crisis. God has called every man to be a kingdom man”¦And God always starts with them”¦This is not because women are not critical or important. It’s because God always holds men responsible.”

Roland Warren, who served as president of National Fatherhood Initiative before assuming the leadership of Care Net in 2012, stressed the need for men to support the Pro Abundant Life movement and the critical work of pregnancy centers. He said we must preserve not only the sanctity of life, but the sanctity of marriage and family consistent with God’s design.

And this can happen when those who are facing unplanned pregnancies are discipled by Christians and local churches.

“Your first thought should be: ‘She needs to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. The child growing inside of her needs to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. The guy who got her pregnant needs to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Do you think about it that way? This work is integrated into who we are as Christians,” Warren said.

“None of this can happen without men stepping into the roles to which God has called them.”

For more information and to register, visit Called and Missioned Pro-Life Men’s Summit.