“I’ve been where you are now””but you haven’t been where I have been.” In his work as the President and CEO of Care Net, Roland Warren can empathize with couples who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Over forty years ago, as students at Princeton University, Roland and his girlfriend Yvette Lopez found themselves in that position.

When Yvette visited the university’s health services office, a counselor encouraged her to get an abortion, saying, “How will you graduate from Princeton and become a doctor (her dream at the time) with a baby?” The couple, however, was not deterred and decided to have the baby. Today, the Warrens, who both graduated from Princeton, have two grown sons, Jamin and Justin, and three grandchildren. Yvette’s dream of becoming a doctor also came true.

Pro Abundant Life Legacy

In an interview with LiveAction.org, Roland recently reflected on how that decision in college has turned into a lifetime of abundant blessings for his family. Over the years, he has shared his testimony with couples facing an unplanned pregnancy. He understands their stress and the crisis at hand””but he also knows that they “have not been where he has been” and have not yet witnessed what God can do.

In the interview, Roland recalled a candid moment from 2022. As his wife held their newborn granddaughter for the first time, he thought, “This was the product of a decision that she made forty years ago in a moment when she had no visibility about the future, but understood that God has a plan”¦And here is the result of that decision. It’s just amazing.”

“The ironic thing is””the kid they wanted us to throw in a trash can [first born son Jamin] actually went to Harvard. He’s smarter than both of us.”

At the time of that decision during college, the young couple “instinctively” knew that Yvette was indeed carrying a child.

“We didn’t want to complicate one mistake with a second mistake,” Roland said. “We also wanted to get married. It wasn’t our plan (to have a baby first and then get married). We just knew God was there”¦that he was in the middle of all that.”

“It’s an important part of our story and the reason why reaching folks as early as possible to have that conversation with them is really important.”

Helping couples see that God is in the midst of their unplanned pregnancy is something that happens every day at the almost 1,300 Care Net-affiliated pregnancy centers across the nation. Staff members offer support, encouragement, and hope and help dispel pro-abortion cultural narratives such as “nothing good can come from this pregnancy.”

“Women have abortions because they are under an illusion that having this abortion is going to make their life better,” Roland said.

Couples dealing with an unplanned pregnancy are in a “whirlwind,” but helping them see from a higher perspective can make a difference.

“When you step into the eye of the storm, it gives a perspective about what’s happening in your life situation. You can look up and hear from God,” Roland said.

By God’s grace, couples can understand that good can come from their unplanned pregnancy. That’s what happened for Roland and Yvette Warren, who can now look back with thanks and celebrate a legacy that has extended far beyond their own children and grandchildren and helps inspire Care Net’s Pro Abundant Life movement.