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And helped her choose life!

Another child! A feeling of fear overwhelmed Peyton’s* heart. She was pregnant with their third child. How could she financially and emotionally take care of another child?

Peyton and her husband already lived paycheck to paycheck. Caring for two children was  challenging enough. Now with a third on the way, they had no idea how they were going to make it work. A feeling of hopelessness washed over her. Anxiety set in.

With many questions and fears, Peyton searched online for some answers and came across  Pregnancy Decision Line, Care Net’s national hotline. She called the number and was greeted warmly by one of the hotline coaches.  Peyton poured out her feelings to the  coach  and she could tell Peyton was feeling afraid and hopeless about her pregnancy.  

During the conversation, the coach explained to Peyton that God had already supplied all their needs.  The coach told Peyton about the local pregnancy center in her town and offered to help make her an appointment. She explained that the pregnancy center could help meet the material needs for her and her baby that felt so overwhelming to Peyton. As the two talked more, Peyton’s heart began to fill with hope again. She knew that, just as God took care of Mary and Joseph when they were faced with Mary’s unexpected pregnancy with Jesus, He also was going to completely take care of Peyton and her family as well.  

The hope of Christ is abundant!  He provides for people like Peyton through His people, like you.   Your generosity gives hope to so many couples and families just like Peyton’s through the compassion, help, and hope they find in our national hotline, our network of 1,200 affiliated pregnancy centers, and our growing network of life-affirming partner churches equipped by our curriculum. You are sharing the ultimate Gift “” Jesus Christ “” with these families! Thank you!