Care Net operates Pregnancy Decision Line website and real-time call center, which provides caring, confidential, free support to anyone making choices about an unexpected pregnancy. Our pregnancy decision coaches are available through a toll-free phone number or email. They answer women’s and men’s questions about pregnancy, emergency contraception, abortion, adoption, parenting and much more. Each day, God does amazing things through PDL. Read Sydney’s incredible story below.


shutterstock_146519066The voice sounded hushed . . . frightened.

“Hello? Hello? I need help.”

Our Pregnancy Decision Line coach could tell immediately the girl on the line was in trouble.

What she didn’t know was that Sydney* was only moments away from making the greatest mistake of her life.

“Where are you?” the coach asked.

“I’m in the bathroom at the clinic . . . waiting for my procedure.”

The coach soon discovered that Sydney was calling from an abortion clinic! While waiting for her scheduled “procedure,” the young woman started having second thoughts. Confused, Sydney fled to the bathroom where she used her phone to frantically search online for answers.

Thanks to the support of friends like you, the Pregnancy Decision Line appeared in the search results and Sydney called the number. Sydney desperately wanted answers about the baby growing inside of her.

She had deep regrets about lifestyle choices she had made and wondered if there was any “right” choice.

Because of drugs she had taken, she was concerned that her unborn child would have birth defects.

In fact, Sydney had already been to a doctor who performed an ultrasound and told her the baby seemed fine.

Unconvinced, Sydney made the abortion appointment. But Sydney’s resolve faltered as she waited to end her unborn child’s life.

Her frantic call was a cry for help. After receiving encouragement from our pregnancy coach, Sydney decided to leave the clinic and visit her doctor again.

The pregnancy decision coach immediately emailed Sydney resources and materials about her unborn child and the impact of abortion. And Sydney””in that critical moment””chose LIFE for her baby.

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*Name changed for privacy