A single mom with three boys already, Sue couldn’t help but to be filled with dread when she found herself pregnant again. The situation would be daunting to anyone!

But the father of Sue’s baby made it clear that he had no interest in stepping up as a father. Her own mother had already advised her not to have more children.

And, to make matters worse, her community didn’t think kindly people who placed their children for adoption.

Sue felt trapped, and it seemed like only abortion would solve her problems and make life easier. So, after a quick search online, she found the number for Pregnancy Decision Line (PDL) and called.

On the call with the PDL coach, Sue confessed that she was afraid of the physical effects of abortion and agreed to keep talking to our coach. As time passed, she decided to get an ultrasound.

The lack of support from her community that Sue faces is clear evidence as to why we need to challenge our culture to overturn Roe v. Wade in our hearts. For countless women like Sue, even one voice for life can make an incredible difference.

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In a follow-up conversation with the PDL coach, she shared that she was in her second trimester with a baby girl. The girl she had desperately wanted. Her fear turned to excitement, and conversations turned to buying girl clothes and naming the baby as she began to look to parenting her new daughter.

But she was still in the same situation. The father of her unborn daughter and her mother were still unsupportive. Her finances””which were even more bleak now””would be stretched even more if she kept her baby. Unsure of what to do, she is still seeing an adoption counselor.

Also, please join us as we pray for Sue””and for all parents still actively considering the options available to them for their unborn children””as they wrestle with a critical decision that will forever change the course of their lives.

Thank you!