Next week, a brand-new movie releases detailing the events around the famed 1973 court case that changed the landscape of the abortion industry in the United States.

The film’s plot chronicles Dr. Bernard Nathanson and a team of activists who are committed to driving the case for the legalization of abortion all the way to the Supreme Court. Following the lead of Margaret Sanger””founder of Planned Parenthood””the team discovers a disadvantaged and uneducated pregnant girl who perfectly fits the role they need to build their case.

They convince the girl “Jane Roe” (real name Norma McCorvey) to allow their legal team to pursue her right to an abortion in the courts. As they attempt to persuade the Justices, the team creates a media blitz that includes fabricating and feeding fake statistics to the press and creating pro-abortion narratives in the programming put out by Hollywood. The entire story is told through the vantage point of Dr. Nathanson who did more than 70,000 abortions before he became pro-life.

The film stars and was co-directed by Nick Loeb, who plays famed abortion doctor Bernard Nathanson. Loeb has recently been in the news battling his ex-wife, Sofia Vergara, for custody of the couple’s frozen embryos created together while they were preparing to do IVF. Cathy Allyn co-wrote and directed the film with Loeb.

A host of other well-known faces are also featured in the film, from Corbin Bernsen, Jon Voight, and Robert Davi to Joey Lawrence, Steve Guttenberg, Jamie Kennedy, and John Schneider (you remember The Dukes of Hazard of course!). William Forsythe, Wade Williams, and Richard Portnow play Supreme Court Justices along with Schneider and Voight.

Stacey Dash, an actress best known for her role in Clueless plays Dr. Mildred Jefferson, while Greer Grammer””Nickelodeon star and daughter of Kelsey Grammer””plays attorney Sarah Weddington who represented “Jane Roe” before the Supreme Court. Paradise Lost actress, Summer Joy Campbell, plays Norma McCorvey.

Even before the movie’s release, abortion advocates have heavily criticized the film. From the LA Times to the Daily Beast, the film is under fire. Reports that Hollywood agencies discouraged their clients from participating in the film have also circulated.

The film premiered in a red carpet event at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) conference in February. Early reviews from the sold-out premiere affirm that the film is both well-crafted and informative. When asked if the film was distinctly pro-life, Loeb replied, ‘I think it’s up to your perspective”¦What we tried to do is really just lay out the facts of how Roe V. Wade came to be and how it was decided.”

Roe V. Wade will be available as video on demand and through select streaming services on April 2. You can watch the trailer here.