Carmen* watched her 4-month-old sleeping in the crib. It was hard to believe that, in just a little while, he’d be crawling. But at the moment, it was a little harder to believe that he was already a big brother. 

Carmen didn’t feel ready to raise two kids, and her fiancé Steve* was already having a hard time supporting their other child on his salary and the nightly news wasn’t offering much hope of things getting better. Steve mentioned abortion might be an ‘easy fix’ and was regularly dropping hints about it. Carmen didn’t want to take that road “” especially since she and Steve were both spared from being victims of abortion by their own birth mothers.

Carmen didn’t understand how he could think abortion was the right call, but there was no denying things were hard–and that another baby could make them harder.

After browsing online, she discovered the number for Pregnancy Decision Line. Dialing the number, she was greeted by a friendly coach who began the conversation by reassuring her that she was on her side. Sensing a connection, Carmen shared her story with the coach and confessed how, deep down, she really didn’t want an abortion.

For the next few minutes, the coach shared some realistic alternatives to abortion including adoption””and Carmen began to wonder if adoption might be the way to go. Thinking it over, Carmen made the decision to talk things over with Steve. Maybe if he knew about their other options, he might change his mind.

When an unexpected pregnancy happens, women suddenly realize that they are now mothers””and life will never be the same. Organizations like Planned Parenthood would have these mothers believe there’s “an easy way to put things back the way they were”. In reality, this ‘easy way’ often  only creates shame, cycles of regret, and years of grieving over what might have been.

Thanks to your financial support, couples like Carmen and Steve can receive the compassion, hope, and help they need to choose life. Not only do they receive practical help at our affiliated pregnancy centers, but they are offered the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They can also find life-long discipleship and community support from local churches trained for pro-life ministry through Care Net’s Making Life Disciples course.

Your gifts and prayers have a hand in changing stories like Carmen’s from a potential tragedy, to an abundant life for her family. 

*Name changed to protect client privacy