Mias Story

You helped her find forgiveness and healing from her past abortion too!

Mia* had been in this situation before. She’d had an abortion before, but this time felt different. God was really working on her heart.  

Mia had already made an appointment with the abortion clinic, but she felt a tug at her heart to change that plan. Her newfound relationship with Jesus Christ prompted her to consider whether God would really want her to do this and if there might be some other options.  

Mia’s longtime circle of friends pressured her to keep the abortion appointment because she was just starting a new career. They were sure there was no way she could keep her baby and her job. She was torn.

Mia needed someone to share compassion, hope, and help with her so she could choose life for her baby. She confided in a new friend at church who referred her to our national hotline. After the church service that Sunday, she called and found exactly what she needed when she spoke to a coach on our Pregnancy Decision Line.

Talking with the warm, nonjudgmental coach on the other end of the line far exceeded her expectations. Not only did she find comfort and the encouragement she needed for this pregnancy, but she also talked about her feelings about her past abortion. After talking to her coach she felt a sense of healing for the first time since it happened. She then discussed with the coach the idea of placing her baby with an adoptive family. The coach gave her some adoption resources and referred her to a local pregnancy center.  

At the pregnancy center, Mia was met with open arms. Everyone she talked to on the hotline and at the pregnancy center was so compassionate, it gave her the assurance she needed to choose life for her baby.

You Shared Hope!

Your generosity goes a long way! You’ve helped pave the way for Care Net’s hotline coaches to share the compassion, hope, and help that each caller needs and connect these callers to Care Net’s affiliated pregnancy centers, where they can receive the kind of hope and compassion that affirms women and men and empowers them to choose life for their unborn children.  

Thank you for your generosity. We are so grateful to stand with you in the fight for life and ABUNDANT LIFE!