How Mia Came to Christ Because of You!

It all started with a single phone call.

Your generous support for Pregnancy Decision Line (PDL), Care Net’s national hotline, opens the door for frightened moms to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ and choose life for their unborn babies and abundant life for their families.

It often takes more than just one conversation to change someone’s life and, in some cases, it can take weeks of one of our hotline coaches reaching out before they have the relationship and the opportunity to share the Gospel.

When Mia first called our hotline coach, Maria*, she hadn’t decided whether or not to keep her baby. She was leaning hard into going out of state to get an abortion (since abortion is illegal where she lives). But after speaking with one of our PDL coaches, and hearing all of the love and tangible support available to her, Mia started to rethink her options.

A few weeks later, Mia heard from her PDL coach again. Things went smoother this time. Mia knew she could talk to her coach freely because she’d been so kind and supportive the first time.

Pointing to Christ, Saving Lives

As they talked, their discussion shifted to spiritual matters. Mia knew about God, but she didn’t really think of herself as a Christian. Her coach told her about Jesus’ love for her and her baby. Better still, she told Mia that Jesus had a plan and a purpose for them.

Mia had been asking God to help her since the time she found out she was pregnant, but she still felt guilty, she was still scared, and she doubted she could provide her baby with a solid future with what little she had. What Maria described sounded better than how she’d been living her life or what she could provide for herself.

After a minute or so, Mia made her decision. They prayed over the phone. By the end, Mia felt different than before she made the call. Something had changed inside her; something she couldn’t yet fully understand. But she knew things were about to change in a big way.

Thanks to you, stories like Mia’s are happening all across the country. More than 2.1 million moms and dads have heard the Gospel since 2008 and are raising healthy families thanks to your generosity. More than that, your faithful gifts make ministries like Pregnancy Decision Line available to scared moms and dads so they can have those life-changing conversations. But it doesn’t stop there.

You help Care Net-affiliated pregnancy centers provide life-affirming support in communities across the country by training pregnancy center workers to serve with excellence and by helping develop resources they share with their clients everyday! You also bring local churches into vibrant pro-life ministry so that they are prepared to provide moms and dads facing unexpected – or unexpectedly complicated – pregnancies with the support they need long after the baby is born. You are making a real difference now and for eternity!

Thank you for being the hands, heart, and hugs of Jesus! Please pray for God to drive more moms like Mia to our national hotline and give our PDL coaches wisdom as they answer those calls.