Some in our culture believe that, since women can legally abort their unborn children, men should have the legal right to “financial abortions.” These would allow men to give up any parental rights and responsibilities they have to their children, should they be born. This perverse logic proposes that, since abortion prevents women from being “forced” to become parents, men shouldn’t be forced to become parents either.

This unfortunate phenomenon tells us a lot about the cultural wreckage the abortion culture has created in the last 40 years. Only in a “pro-choice” culture are we are forced to battle absurd ideas like financial abortion. And we are certainly faced with their consequences. While financial abortions may not be legal, they represent a worldview that plays out in the father-absence crisis our society faces.

Over 24 million children in America””one out of every three””live apart from their biological fathers. While fathers can’t abort their children before they’re born, too many of them “abort” their children after.

Only through a Pro Abundant Life culture can we recognize and solve this crisis.

In God’s design and in the consistent Pro Abundant Life paradigm we proclaim, we acknowledge that every human life begins at conception and is worthy of protection. Therefore, both motherhood and fatherhood begin at the point of conception. And the rights and responsibilities for women and men to their children can’t just be signed away. . . They must be defended and celebrated.

So, this Father’s Day, let’s remember the 24 million children living in father-absent homes and work to build a Pro Abundant Life culture so that future children receive the blessing of fathers who provide for them and protect them from the moment they are conceived.

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