How You Reached Terrie in the Nick of Time!

Terrie* was waiting for her appointment at the clinic. The reason for her visit was obvious: she wanted an abortion. She already had one child, and caring for two seemed an impossibly heavy burden.

But God had other plans. 

Wanting more information about the abortion pill she was considering, Terrie called Care Net’s Pregnancy Decision Line (PDL) while she waited. And Terrie’s timing wasn’t unique! God has used PDL to reach women inside of abortion clinics before, as they look up additional information about their options on their tablets and cellphones.  But no two calls to PDL are ever the same.

Struggling financially, Terrie lived in a neighborhood she thought was unsafe and she had a way to go to finish her education. Although she knew abortion was wrong, she justified her choice with the knowledge that God could forgive anything.  Overwhelmed and fearful, Terrie believed her best solution was the abortion pill.

The PDL coach carefully listened, and then began to explain Terrie’s chosen abortion procedure and how her unborn child was currently developing.

Then the conversation took a turn towards the spiritual. The coach challenged her with a simple””but profound””question: “Could you forgive yourself for the abortion?”

And Terrie hesitated.

A Door Opens

Specially trained to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, the PDL coach saw that God was opening a clear door for the Good News. She boldly pressed on, explaining that God didn’t create Terrie to go through life alone, but to be in a relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.

What happened next was an absolute miracle! Terrie walked out of the abortion clinic! And as she stood on its doorstep, she felt like she was in the eye of the storm. 

Even though the circumstances of her life were chaotic, God used that time and that place to reach Terrie. Her heart softened towards the truth of who Jesus is and why He came. Recognizing her need for a Savior, Terrie gave her life to Jesus Christ right there!

Too often, our circumstances tempt us to do something we might not do if the situation were just somehow different.  But Jesus reminds us in John 16:33 when he emphasized a critical truth to his disciples, “”¦In this world, you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world.”

From 2008-2014, 462,089 lives were saved from abortion by the work you make possible through Care Net, Pregnancy Decision Line, and our network of more than 1,100 affiliated pregnancy centers! Indeed, we serve a good God who is providing for the needs of this ministry everyday through people like you.

In the next thirty days, we need to raise $395,000 to continue offering a message of truth and hope to parents in desperate need of both, and who are considering abortion.

Your support will extend the reach of this life-saving work. We must reach the next Terrie, women who are being deceived into thinking that abortion is the answer to their problems.  Please help us save more lives””both now and for eternity””with your generous support today.

Transforming Hearts”¦ Transforming Lives!

What the enemy intended for evil that day in Terrie’s life, God meant for good. Abortion clinics are dark places, but Terrie experienced God’s light that day like she never has before.  And as a result, her life was transformed!

After the call, Terrie reached out to the father of her child and explained what happened.  As they reflected together, they knew in their hearts what their next step had to be. Rather than end the life of their unborn child with the abortion pill, together they chose life!  Abortion was no longer the “solution” they were seeking.

In a follow up call with the same PDL coach, Terrie remarked, “I can never take a life that’s not trying to take mine.”  Terrie had come to see the life inside of her as a gift from God to be treasured, not destroyed. She had a new confidence that God had a plan for her family and that He would provide for them.

As we look ahead to the monumental work God has set out for us, we need your prayers and your continued support. Care Net receives no government funding, while Planned Parenthood continues to receive hundreds of million dollars each year from the government. We not only need your support to continue standing for life, we rely on it”¦

Time is of the essence as we look to reach even more women like Terrie who are literally standing in the very narrow gap between life and death. An abortion takes place every 30 seconds in the United States; we haven’t a moment to lose.

Thank you for generous tax-deductible gift today! 

* Name changed to protect the identity of our client.