Newletter Blog Image MauriceEven when Shannon didn’t want to hear it!

Maurice* threw another rock at the icy lake””hoping it would break through this time. No matter how big the rock was, or how far he threw, all he managed to do was scratch the surface. In a lot of ways, his progress here felt about the same as back at home. 


He’d tried  to talk Shannon* out of an abortion for days with no success. He told her he knew this baby was his responsibility, and he wanted to be a good dad by providing for them both. But, the more he tried, the more it seemed her heart was as hardened as  this lake. 

He knew Shannon was scared. He was scared, too. She was already in her second trimester, and he knew things could go badly if she decided to abort now. Her shutting him out and biting back was just her way of trying to protect herself”¦but it didn’t make  things any easier.

You Helped Maurice Find a Reason to Persevere

Sitting down on the shore, Maurice took out his phone and started browsing for information about abortion when he came across a phone number for  Pregnancy Decision Line – a hotline funded entirely by the generosity of you and other pro-life champions. 

The ad said the hotline  was a good place to find accurate information about abortion and alternatives. Maybe, he thought, it would be a good place to get answers for some of his questions and ideas for how to help him talk to Shannon about other options.

The friendly hotline coach told him a pregnancy center nearby offered baby clothes, diapers, and formula if they decided to keep their  baby. She also told him they’d partnered with a local church in their community to help meet some of their other needs.

Turning away from the lake, Maurice headed home. He still worried she might react badly to another talk, but now he had something he didn’t before-hope and real places for them to find help to choose life. 

Even though Roe v. Wade has been overturned, women and men are still finding out they have unexpected””or unexpectedly complicated””pregnancies, and, despite law changes, many are still seeking abortion.

Through your support of Care Net, parents considering abortion find  they have options that don’t end in death or regret. They have access to our national hotline to discuss their fears and concerns. They can connect to the help available through local pregnancy centers, and, through the local churches we partner with, a body of believers happy to come alongside and make them disciples for life. 

Please pray for young men like Maurice to be empowered to be advocates for life; just like Joseph when he took on the responsibility as Mary’s husband. And pray for moms like Shannon to have their hearts filled with hope and courage; like Mary when she faced a pregnancy she didn’t expect and brought our Savior into the world.