Mark Cropped-1You helped Mark reconsider becoming the man and father God called him to be!

Mark* balanced the fidget spinner between his fingers, timing how long it would take before starting over. He always did that when he was thinking things through.

Lin* was pregnant, and she was already starting to show. It was hard enough trying to feed the two of them on what little he made. How could he possibly afford everything they’d need for a baby?

The pit in Mark’s stomach grew. This was a responsibility he hadn’t expected, and he didn’t think he had it in him to be a good dad. Little by little, he started to think that encouraging Lin to get an abortion was the only solution. He didn’t like the idea, but having a kid when they weren’t ready seemed worse.


Lin had been searching on her smartphone for information about abortion and found something  called Pregnancy Decision Line. It was a hotline where they could have a discreet conversation about abortion and all their options. Mark didn’t exactly like the idea of sharing his problems with strangers, but he agreed they needed help.

Mark was honest with the coach when they called. He didn’t really want to abort his baby, but he didn’t think he was ready to be a father, either. The coach mentioned some of the local churches they partnered with, and some of the ways they could help him grow in the spiritual and practical side of things. Deep down, Mark wanted to be the man he felt God was calling him to be, but he still wasn’t sure what was right for his family. He told her they’d think it over.

He had a lot more to think about when he hung up, but he was glad to know there were people who could help if they decided to have the baby.

Care Net did studies of 1,000 women who had abortions and 1,000 men who had participated in abortions to find out more about what went into their decisions to choose abortion instead of life. (Available at One of the things we found was that both the women and men said the father of the baby has the greatest influence on the mother’s decision to abort or choose life. 

When men like Mark find out their girlfriends are pregnant, shame and fear often take hold. The abortion industry would tell them that abortion is the easy way out; but the reality is that it only leads to pain. Thanks to you, dads like Mark can discover there is another way that leads to life. And not just life for their baby, but a transformed life that helps them become more like Jesus.

Thanks to you, parents have places to turn when they face an unexpected pregnancy where they receive compassion, hope, and help; places like our pregnancy centers and the local churches we partner with for pro-life ministry. And you help us ensure there are events like the Men’s Summit to equip men to become champions for abundant life while empowering them to embrace the abundant life God has for them.

Thank you for making a difference where it counts most!