When Leesa called Pregnancy Decision Line, she was looking for options. She was pregnant and didn’t know if she would be able to raise the baby.

From the beginning, Lessa stated that she did not want an abortion or to make an adoption plan. She was desparate to learn what other options there might be.

The pregnancy decision coach asked about support she had from the father of her baby and her family. Leesa explained that the father had been pressuring her to get an abortion.

But Leesa had other desires. With the coach, she explored what feelings she had about the pregnancy. Leesa knew she wanted to continue the pregnancy. She said that abortion was murder, and she couldn’t consider it.

While discussing this pregnancy, Leesa mentioned a pregnancy from earlier that year. After it ended in miscarriage, Leesa experienced waves of depression. When she became pregnant again, Leesa had not fully dealt with the grief from her previous miscarriage.

While her family had supported her through the previous pregnancy and when it ended in miscarriage, Leesa still wondered if she was ready to care for a baby.

Leesa inquired about the abortion pill and risks of medical abortions, though she doubted she could go through with an abortion. While discussing the procedures with the coach, Leesa noted that though her boyfriend pushed her towards abortion, she would have to live with the decision she made.

The pregnancy decision coach gave Leesa information about a local pregnancy center where she could go to help through the pregnancy. 

At the end of the call, Leesa reaffirmed her decision to carry the pregnancy to term.

Leesa maintained dialogue with the coach through e-mail, giving updates on her situation. During her pregnancy, Leesa was laid off of work. Despite this difficulty, Leesa said she was staying positive about the future, as she searched for a new job and focused on her studies.

 *Name changed for privacy.

Because of your gifts, women like Leesa can find support in challenging circumstances through Pregnancy Decision Line and our affiliate centers.