Amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic, we’ve seen many pro-life themes arise. But one that strikes me the most is the way even non-believers are adopting a philosophy of life that encourages loving neighbors as themselves.

We don’t leave the house except for essentials not just because we could get sick, but because we could inadvertently infect someone else. We provide meals for children living in poverty who won’t get breakfast and lunch at school. And we open our stores an hour earlier to accommodate the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.

In other words, we protect the weak. It feels like human instinct. Forget Darwin’s survival of the fittest. When crisis hits, we lend a hand to a brother. We go out of our way to get groceries to a sister.

There’s a true beauty in what this crisis is cultivating among Americans.

So why can’t we apply this same spirit to unplanned pregnancies?

Abortion activist often cite that abortion is necessary in low-income communities. Without resources, skills, or extra assistance””a baby is better-off never being born, they argue.

But every life is precious.

Why can’t we look out for the least of these? Why are we only able to help those who are most vulnerable, at highest risk, or out of resources during a viral outbreak? Wouldn’t it, arguably, be even easier to care for these populations when our stock portfolios are more secure and our regular, daily freedoms are intact?

We leave extra toilet paper by the door to serve delivery people. We fill hospital
parking lots with signs of support, hope, and love for the medical community. We touch grandma through the double-paned glass of her nursing home window. Surely we could be caring and innovative enough, as a culture, to protect the unborn.

Care Net’s pregnancy centers try to be the hands and feet of Jesus to men and women in these at risk populations, every day. Though quarantines have slowed most of our commerce to a stop, the abortion industry has barely paused. Arguably, (based on national averages and annual statistics) more babies are still dying every day to abortion than are people dying of Coronavirus. And the abortion industry continues to attack pregnancy centers, to boot.

Won’t you consider helping Care Net equip and prepare their pregnancy centers and national hotline to serve the least of these during these uncertain times?

The first thing you can do is pray.

Pray for the 30,000 staff and volunteers who are having to adapt to the ever-
changing circumstances of this epidemic while still meeting client needs.

Pray for the coaches on Care Net’s national hotline as they provide real-time support to parents facing unplanned pregnancy.

Pray for the churches who are providing ongoing discipleship through digital means to their congregations.

As you pray, consider making a donation to save lives from abortion during this

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Together, through our prayers and support, we can ensure that these precious unborn babies survive and their parents experience the abundant life of Christ.