When all he could see was abortion!

Logan* loved his children. Though his previous marriage hadn’t worked out, his children made all of the struggles worthwhile. As a single dad, he poured his heart and soul into raising his kids. Even though he thought of himself as a good dad, he knew his children needed a mom. Even more, he hoped to marry his girlfriend so they could be a family. 

Then his girlfriend told him she was pregnant. While Logan loved his kids and his girlfriend, he didn’t feel ready for a new baby. They were still figuring out their relationship and where it was leading. How could they raise a baby together?

Walking Dads Through Tough Choices”¦ to LIFE

This unplanned pregnancy was transforming the relationship with his girlfriend before his eyes, and it scared him. Conversations were shorter and emotions ran high until Logan went online for information about abortion. 

How did he get here? He LOVED his kids. Was he really about to encourage ending the life of his unborn baby? While the thought was ripping him apart, he couldn’t see any other way out. 

Thanks to your generous support, Logan found an ad for our national hotline. He spoke with a pro-life coach ready to equip him to be a committed father to his unborn baby. 

As Logan spoke with the coach, she helped him wrestle to find that abortion wasn’t what he wanted at all. He realized he needed to make another choice. He knew he and his girlfriend had to try to work things out and choose life together. 

Would you please join us in praying for Logan and his girlfriend? Pray that they would continue on the path to choose life for their baby.

Dads are Key to Helping Moms Choose Life

After decades of serving clients, we’ve found women and men need ongoing support in order to choose life. Often, women need the their partner’s support as he is the most influential person in their abortion decision. Men often need external support to embrace the high calling of fatherhood before they will provide the support their partner needs. That’s why it’s critical to engage both women and men and empower them both to choose life for their unborn children. That’s what you do every day through your prayers and giving. You ensure that parents like Logan and his girlfriend find the help and hope they need to choose life. 

YOU make ABUNDANT life possible for them. 

Please continue to pray with us today for all the moms and dads who need this life saving message. May God enable us to reach them in time!