In this special Life Chat, Care Net’s president and CEO, Roland Warren, and Care Net’s Chief Outreach Officer, Vincent DiCaro, lay out four arguments about how the Bible makes a clear case for life.

In this episode, Roland and Vince discuss the biggest questions related to the four arguments of pro-choice Christians. Watch as they walk through the four questions many pro-choice Christians are asking.

The Four Arguments of Pro-Choice Christians

Roland and Vince point to stories like the birth of Christ and the Good Samaritan, and principles like the Great Commandment and the Great Commission, to make this unique argument that is especially helpful when engaging with Christians who profess to be pro-choice. 

If you wish to read more about each of the four arguments and watch (or listen) to each argument separately, you can find each question at the links below. Keep reading for access to the full video where Roland and Vince address the four arguments. 

Argument #1: What do the Great Commandment and the Great Commission Have to Say about the Life Issue?

Roland and Vince explain in this Life Chat, we must look at the OT, the NT, and Jesus’s words – and find the overall meaning – the narrative of Scripture. The Bible has plenty of principles that speak to plenty of issues in our day. They discuss the great commandment and the great commission to see what they have to say about the life issue.

Argument #2: When Did Jesus’s Human Life Begin?

This is a central question to a pro-choice, pro-life perspective, when did Jesus’s human life begin? Roland points out in this LifeChat, we have to decide that whenever Jesus’s life began – has to be when our life begins. He had to be exactly like us in order to be that perfect substitute.

Argument #3: How Did Mary’s Unplanned Pregnancy Make the Case for Life?

As believers, we need to consider why Scripture tells the stories it does. While Jesus never used the term “abortion,” are there principles we can pull from the pages we have? Well, if we believe what we say – which is that Christ came in human form, then as Roland and Vince point out in this LifeChat, there must be some big reasons why the stories around Mary’s unplanned pregnancy are told

Argument #4: What If I Am Still Uncertain About When Life Begins?

By this question, many are thinking, “Yeah, but I’m still uncertain about when life actually begins.” Maybe your thought is, “Sure, I get it. If and when there’s life, we need to protect it. But I’m not actually sure when life begins.” This is a common question from believers seeking to know what to do and how to think. We must answer the question, what does the bible say about life


Watch the full video:
The Four Arguments of Pro-Choice Christians

The point of this series is to help you address these major questions – first for yourself – then you can have meaningful talks with others. Whether you are pro-choice or you know believers who are pro-choice, we all need to look honestly at these questions around life, and know how to think and what to do based on the answers. Our hope is that you will continue to genuinely ask questions, know what you believe, and find a way to be Pro Abundant Life



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