On his daily podcast, Dr. Albert Mohler, Jr. exhorted Christians to keep fighting the good fight for life.

Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, often discusses federal and state pro-life issues on his podcast, The Briefing. On August 9, he made a plea for believers to not grow weary in defending life or take anything for granted in the pro-life cause. Despite the 2022 Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade, there are no permanent political victories in a fallen word, Mohler warned.

“We live in a world in which sin makes things fall apart, not come together. Sin makes things move from good to bad and from bad to worse, not in the other direction”¦It takes enormous energy to stop moral dissipation. It takes enormous discipline, even courage to stand up for truth when the truth is increasingly unpopular.”

As we consider the current demographic, political and cultural trends, we will understand that we’ve got a much bigger job ahead of us than we knew following Dobbs, Mohler said. The workload has increased, but we must embrace the challenge.

“But if we run from it, then did we sincerely believe what we said we believed about our convictions? We should expect that the fight for righteousness and justice will be a big battle till Jesus comes,” he said.

At Care Net, we wholeheartedly agree with this mindset. In 2023, we must be even more vigilant in the pro-life cause. When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade last year, Care Net’s CEO and President Roland Warren celebrated the ruling that protected the unborn, but cautioned that “changed laws don’t equal changed hearts.”

“The Supreme Court can’t outlaw unplanned, unexpected, and unexpectedly complicated pregnancies. Regardless of how the laws of our land play out over the next several years, women and men will continue to face tough pregnancy decisions. In an environment in which abortion is more difficult to access, Care Net’s work has become more critical than ever.”

“Care Net will continue to support our network of more than 1,200 affiliated pregnancy centers, a national hotline, and a growing network of churches in their irreplaceable efforts to offer compassion, hope, and help to women and men at risk for abortion.”

On his podcast, Mohler said that it is vital to keep fighting for life to ensure that all the efforts of the last half century were not in vain, and to proclaim that the sanctity of human life is a worldview issue and a matter of biblical truth.

In a post-Roe era, it is vital to continue to compassionately educate and inspire the public about the sanctity of life and the importance of helping people build strong, God-honoring families. And to not give up.

In his keynote address at Care Net’s 2022 National Conference, Roland Warren encouraged the women and men who work and volunteer at pregnancy centers across the United States. He noted how a large number of pregnancy centers were violently attacked following the landmark Dobbs decision.

Our response to those who oppose us, Warren said, should be based on Christ’s Sermon on the Mount: “The disciples were inspired and empowered on the Mount so they had the strength to do the righteous work that was required of them in the valley. It was the valley of the shadow of death””Christ was going to be crucified.”

Warren also talked about the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

“They fought for justice and righteousness so I could come in through the front door of this hotel instead of the back door.” He said. “Despite all the abuse, the rejection”¦they just continued. They continued to fight for what was right, even in a culture that mocked them, disregarded them, attacked them, firebombed them.”

Likewise, we must continue the good fight for life.

“I want to encourage you,” Warren told conference attendees. “Keep on loving, keep on serving, keep on ministering, until all of the little ones in the womb will have that blessed assurance that their life is safe; until we can declare with certainty for every little one: ‘Free at last, free at last. Thank God almighty you are free at last.”