Katrina’s* heart was still shaking from the sound of Tyler* slamming the door. For all the time they’d been married, they’d never had a fight like this.

She thought he’d be happy she was pregnant. But, when the words left her lips, Tyler went from being the sweet and funny guy she married to someone she didn’t recognize. He pressured her to get an abortion, and insisted that was her only option. A heated debate quickly erupted into a shouting contest. Then, from out of nowhere, he flat out told her that she would have to choose between their marriage or this baby. 

Then Tyler just stormed out.

Katrina wanted to keep her baby””she told her coach on the hotline that much over the phone. She knew the life growing inside her was a person, and ending that life would be wrong. Before the call ended, the coach reassured her they would stand by her no matter what

While it was good to know someone had her back, the idea of raising her baby without Tyler was scary. But as scary as that was, the thought of ending an innocent life growing just below her heart was even worse.

Outside, she heard his car pull up. She braced herself. She knew where she stood, and took her stand. But would Tyler stand with her?

Unexpected or unexpectedly complicated pregnancies are not limited to unmarried women. Un some ways, when a spouse is the one advocating for abortion it is an even more difficult situation. But your generosity means these mothers don’t have to face the future alone. Thanks to you, they can be surrounded by a community of believers through our affiliated pregnancy centers and local churches partnering with Care Net who will give them the material and spiritual support they need to choose life.

Please pray for God’s protection over women like Katrina, who face hard choices and uncertain futures. Please also pray that God would open the hearts of husbands like Tyler who believe that abortion is the only option. 

*name changed to protect client privacy