A recent episode of The Morning Show on Apple TV took aim at the legitimacy of pregnancy centers.

Jennifer Aniston, the star of the series, is an outspoken critic of pro-life legislation. In 2019, while filming Murder Mystery, she supported the stance of Netflix, which had threatened to pull production out of Georgia if the state’s heartbeat bill passed.

In 2021, she protested similar legislation in Texas, quoting Rachel Green, her famous character from Friends: “No uterus, no opinion.”

Last year, following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe, her Instagram post declared, “They are not done.”

In Season 3 of The Morning Show, the series gives considerable focus to the aftermath of 2022’s historic Supreme Court ruling. In the first episode, Aniston’s character (talk show host Andy Levy) labels pregnancy centers as “fake abortion clinics“ that routinely lie to women.

“That’s sick,” says one staff member.

“It’s insane. You go to your doctor, you don’t want to be lied to,” laments Levy (Aniston).

In another scene, Bradley Jackson (co-star Reese Witherspoon) and Levy praise the “heroism” of a woman who smuggles abortion pills from Mexico to Texas.

Unfortunately, it’s common for celebrities like Aniston and Witherspoon to use their influential platforms to push abortion propaganda. For pro-life supporters, it can be deflating and discouraging to watch as misinformation and hate are spread like wildfire across various media channels.

However, in the midst of the recent season premiere of The Morning Show and the buzz it generated, another female celebrity was in the spotlight for her dedication to the pro-life cause and her courage to go against the flow of Hollywood and pop culture. Kathy Ireland, a former supermodel, and current business mogul, is a welcomed voice in the wilderness.

On September 26, Ireland was celebrated as a pro-life champion at Live Action’s Annual Life Awards Gala, along with Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, and the Sisters of Life.

“Tonight we recognize some of our nation’s greatest defenders of life. Each life awardee was carefully selected for their courage, commitment, and sacrifice to help create a world where every child is treasured,” Live Action Vice President of External Relations Kimberly Bird told the crowd. “These inspiring honorees have shown uncompromising and compassionate defense of preborn children and their families through their dedicated work and courageous impact.”

At the gala, Ireland explained that despite becoming a Christian at age 18, she was pro-choice for many years.

“As a young adult, I identified as a pro-choice Christian. It just shows you the state of our nation. How does that happen?” she said.

In an interview with EWTN, Ireland recalled how she transitioned from pro-choice to pro-life. Ironically, the turning point came when she auditioned for a movie that was decidedly in favor of abortion. The producer asked her if she was pro-choice.

“As the ‘yes’ fell out of my mouth, I knew it wasn’t true”¦.I realized I’d never really thought about that issue before,” she said. “I couldn’t be on the fence with something so important.”

Ireland’s mind was changed after she reviewed medical books that belonged to her husband, Greg Olsen, an emergency room physician.

“As I read, I saw that at the moment of conception, a new life comes into being. The genetic blueprint is there. The unique fingerprint is there. The sex is determined. It’s alive and it’s growing”¦”

She also inquired with Planned Parenthood, asking, “What is your best argument for being pro-choice?”

“I was told, ‘It’s just a clump of cells. If you get it early enough, it doesn’t even look like a baby.’ Even in my ignorance, my response was, ‘Is that it? That’s your best argument?”

Today, Ireland speaks out on behalf of the unborn and is an outspoken critic of the abortion industry.

“Women are not given all the information to make an informed choice. They’re told, as I was told by Planned Parenthood, ‘It’s just a clump of cells.’ They’re not given an ultrasound to see what their baby looks like. [They] rush you right in and rush you right out. It can be the most convenient choice for boyfriend, family, doctors; A fifteen-minute abortion versus nine months of pregnancy”¦”

Ireland told EWTN that when we understand the truth about an unborn child inside the womb, defending life is an obvious choice.

“We all have to do everything we can to protect the most vulnerable among us,” she said.