Five minutes ago, Esme found out she was unexpectedly pregnant. That little blue line on her test was the last thing she wanted to see. Instantly, she was in an emotional tailspin as questions flooded her mind. “What would she do? How could she carry this baby? Why did God let this happen to her?” Each new question sparked greater uncertainty and anxiety.

For Esme, the first five minutes that she knew she was a mother felt like five hours. She really needed to talk to someone now, but who could she possibly talk to about this?

Esme, like so many others, went online searching for information about abortion. It seemed like the only option. But, thanks to your generous support of Pregnancy Decision Line, Care Net’s national hotline, she found a number where she could speak to a coach who gave her the support and care she needed to make a different choice.

Through tears, she said that she “just really needed someone to talk to because she didn’t know what to do.” Her coach provided a safe and compassionate place for Esme to sort through her fears about the pregnancy. As Esme’s emotions began to settle, she remembered that God loved her. She told her coach that she knew “God had a plan for her baby.”

When Esme found out that she could meet with a local pregnancy center, she wasted no time and requested an immediate appointment. She had no idea that there was a center so close that she could turn to for material, emotional, and spiritual support. 

Five minutes. That’s how long Esme’s baby had between a positive pregnancy test and a search for abortion information. Can you imagine what might have happened if she had not seen that ad for Pregnancy Decision Line? What could have happened if there had been no coach to speak with her?

Praise God, we don’t have to imagine that. You ensured that Esme could find hope instead of despair. Because of you, Esme no longer saw her baby as a frightening inconvenience, but as part of “God’s plan.”  You helped her to find a place of peace in Christ in the midst of her emotional storm. 

Thank you for helping Esme embrace God’s will for her baby. Thank you for helping her choose life!