While her pregnancy had not come at the best time, Kayla was excited about having a baby. Sadly, when the baby’s father found out that she was pregnant he wasn’t pleased and he immediately began pressuring Kayla to abort their child. Research shows that the father of her baby is the most important influencer on a mother’s decision to choose life for her baby or have an abortion.

Kayla was distraught, but what could she do? She felt she had nowhere else to turn. Her family wasn’t in a position to support her, which left her feeling all alone with no foreseeable help. She reluctantly made an appointment at an abortion clinic.

But, just a few days before the appointment, Kayla called Care Net’s Pregnancy Decision Line (PDL). She grew excited when the PDL coach on the other end of the line told her about the compassionate support available at her local pregnancy centers. By the end of the call, Kayla couldn’t wait to visit her local center to receive a free ultrasound. While Kayla was still worried about her boyfriend’s reaction, her PDL coach could hear her smile through the phone. Their conversation had filled her with renewed strength to stand up and save the life of her child.

Because of generous donors like you supporting the life-saving work of PDL, young women, who might otherwise give in to the pressure to have an abortion against their wishes, are able to make another choice.

Even though Kayla had originally chosen life, it is likely that if she hadn’t learned from her PDL coach about the local resources available to her through a pregnancy center, she would have followed through with the abortion instead.

Thank God that Kayla had the chance to talk to a coach who gave her realistic alternatives and shared the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ with her so that she could stand firm in her decision to choose life for her baby!