Care Net’s Pregnancy Centers are safe, caring environments that welcome any woman who is pregnant or thinks she may be. Expectant moms and dads can get a free pregnancy test, find a caring counselor to talk to about their options, and””at select centers””even get a free obstetric ultrasound.

Pregnancy centers may also offer STD/STI testing and information, parenting programs, and post-decision support.

Since 2008, Care Net pregnancy centers have served more than 2.8 million clients. More than 97% of those surveyed said they had a positive experience at the center. For comparison, that’s a higher satisfaction rate than the iPhone or Netflix! Each Care Net affiliate employs caring, informed, and trained staff who create a warm and welcoming environment for pregnant women and their partners. And almost 100% of our clients say they would recommend a Care Net Center to a friend.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out a few of these stories of how women and men were blessed by their experiences at Care Net centers. One satisfied client, Jade, shared this story:

Your organization is just amazing. Y’all have helped me in so many ways, and I can’t thank you enough. My stress level about having this baby has been all over the place, but going to the classes, and having everyone’s support and answers from Care Net has helped me so much!

Another woman named Bethany shared her experience with a Care Net center on Facebook. With her recommendation she wrote:

When I was 15 I went to Care Net and was shown love and respect from the staff. I was given a layette for the new baby and counseling. We talked about adoption verses keeping the baby. I chose to keep the baby and he is now 20 years old. That moment of crisis when my family and church was overwhelmed with worry for the baby and me, Care Net was the calm in the crisis. I went on to finish high school, college, got married and had more children. Care Net and the love I was shown will never be forgotten.

Care Net has more than 1100 affiliates across the country. Chances are there’s one in your community.

So how do you find your local Care Net Pregnancy Center? That’s an easy one. Simply use Care Net’s Find a Pregnancy Center tool, enter your zip code or your state.